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Australians consume more alcohol per head of population than any other English speaking country. The rate of kidney disease caused by abuse of pain killers is alarmingly high. There is no doubt, Australia is a drug taking society. We are all drug users.


Tobacco and alcohol account for 96% of drug related deaths in Australia. Surveys of 1 5 year old students in Australia schools indicate that alcohol is the biggest drug of abuse, closely followed, not by marijuana or heroin as we might expect, but analgesics, the pills we pop whenever we have an ache or pain.


The illegal drug situation is getting worse and authorities are hard pressed to deal with the criminal aspect of drug trafficking. Quite apart from coping with problems arising from lives trapped in the cycle of drug dependency, the relationship between AIDS and intravenous drug use is cause for concern.


Over 6 million prescriptions for tranquillisers are written each year in Australia and many users go on to develop serious addictions. Over-the-counter drugs are also problems demanding attention.


DRUG-ARM (Drug Awareness and Relief Movement) is a non-government, non-profit, Queensland based organisation committed to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle without the use of unnecessary drugs.


As our name suggests, DRUG-ARM provides resources to assist AWARENESS of drug issues and facilities to promote RELIEFfromalcoholand otherdrug dependencies.


DRUG-ARM provides resources and information for the community. The DRUG-ARM Resource Centre is a public lending library on drug use and abuse. Posters, videos, films, statistics and books are available for loan to any member of the community. Hours 8.30am - 5.00pm weekdays. Phone 1300 656 800


DRUG-ARM believes that drug education should be available to children from an early age. A number of resources have been produced to enable young people to deal with issues relating to substance use and abuse as we)) as providing Jifesk)JJs to cope with peer pressure and relationships. Most resources contain fact sheets, teacher notes, lesson outlines and an accompanying video.


DRUG-ARM informs the community of the problems associated with alcohol and other drug use and abuse. Displays at shows, shopping centres, tertiary institutions and libraries reinforce this message to the public. DRUG-ARM staff visit parent and teacher groups, community groups, churches and tertiary institutions to highlight the issues and problems that can be caused 9 misuse.


DRUG-ARM conducts a Drug Education and Lifeskills program in several prisons in south-eas Queensland. The program teaches skills and introduces concepts which will help participants deal with their current situations and begin the rocess of attitude and behaviour change likely to @elp them redirect their behaviour after release.


DRUG-ARM has a range of services to assist individuals and families. DRUG-ARM A.V. is a recovery programme for those addicted to alcohol and other drugs. New Hope groups provide support for individuals with personal and family problems.

DRUG-ARM Street vans are mobile patrols crewed by dedicated volunteers who provide support, information, referral and transport. This outreach programme is engaged daily in working with young people and others who are at risk from becoming homeless and or dependent on alcohol and other drugs.

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